Rayon Vert: Multi-Use Repair Patch Kit

A Kit Containing Repair Patches for Bags, Puffers or Shells.

It can happen that often one’s clothes tear during activty or that one’s gear fails due
to distraction or wear and tear. If the fabric is not silicone-coated, repairing them is easy: We provide this repair kit that only requires an iron to make a PERMANENT repair.

It works very simply:
1. For best results, apply to a clean, dry surface.
2. Cut the plastic around the chosen patch (the patch must be larger than the damaged area by at least two cm on each side). Place the patch on the outside of the garment over the damaged area.
3. Place an ironing cloth over the patch and press down firmly with iron set to medium heat (about 160°C) for about 20 seconds.
Each Repair Kit is sold in a cardboard bag together with a screen-printed sticker.