Light My Fire: Outdoor Meal Kit

This super versatile 8-piece kit is well thought-out to make your outdoor cooking simple and fun. Each item holds several functions, and provides everything you need to prep, cook and enjoy your favorite outdoor meal. Smart and safe food storage, a cutting board/strainer, plate and bowl, and our legendary Spork in sizes Original and Little. Also: Swedish Kåsa, a must-have for all outdoor fans, in a timeless, Scandinavian design. 

The stackable pieces are held together with a strap-harness. Made from 100% BPA free Biobased plastic, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Whether cooking a three-course meal in the woods, refuelling on a hike or eating lunch in style, the Outdoor MealKit has it all. Check it out. 


1x StackBowl 900 ml
1x StackLid 500 ml
1x Swedish Kåsa 300 ml
1x Spork
1x Spork little
1x SnapBox Original 170 ml
1x Cutting Board Plus
1x Harness


  • Compact, modular and complete kit 
  • Easy to clean – no sharp corners
  • Made from biobased plastics
  • BPA-free and EU & FDA food approved
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Made in Sweden
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