Alba Optics: Mantra Gun Metal Photochromic Lens Rocket


Alba Optics providing the 4K vision for your 1080p life. 

Don’t fold, ride bold. Seriously, it don't fold.

Dedicated to a cycling and running audience that value quality and efficiency through innovative design and a constantly evolving product performance, the Mantra has been designed with a single goal in mind: speed. For this reason the Mantra arms do not bend, allowing for a more fluid use in the wearers movements: simply faster.

  • Weight: 24g
  • Ergonomic temple tips
  • Single piece frame
  • Interchangeable VZUM™ lens
  • Photochromatic lens. Guarantees excellent visibility and protection, both in poor and intense light conditions.
  • Designed & Handmade in Italy

Each Mantra comes in a padded nylon bag with:
  • your pair of glasses
  • Asian fit and European fit nosepad
  • reflective orange leash
  • a microfiber pouch and cloth
  • certificate of authenticity & originality
  • CE / CCUK guaranteed