Alleycat Foot Race Round 2 

Wowza. It took me 4 coffees to get through the next day. I felt like I got hit by a truck and I didn’t even run. We had about 60 runners on the night and around 30 extra for Inside Out. Our glasses have been left full. 

We’ve had a look over Strava, some of you lot are bandits. We found one sticker sheet with blood stains, know at least one person ended up in a creek and a shout out to Justin for clocking in 10km on this 6km route. 

Props to Tibo and Natalie for chewing up the tarmac and taking 1st Male and Female respectively and to Dayna and Laura for nailing the shortest route. 

A huge congrats to After Laughter and Carlos Garcia-Knight who launched their pilot episode of Inside Out featuring Mitchell Davern, a new series which highlights individual mental health journeys in our community. We hope you enjoyed it and we are very excited to see the series develop. 

Big thanks to General Service for hosting us for the night. 

To all the runners and those who joined us after, thanks a lot for coming, we hope everyone had a good time and is excited for Alleycat Round 3 which is brewing.