Mar 11, 2024


The London based brand was brought to life by Tim Soar’s desire to create running kit which enhanced the running experience and came with a die hard approach to crafting advanced high tech garms. Soar is popping up in most conversations in the running scene as the highest performing technical kit on the market from their Graphene Race Vest to the Ultra Jacket, they are trailblazers in the running world and are constantly pushing the boundaries of technical kit. 

Soar HQ is nestled in the back streets of Shoreditch, East London, an area which showcases some of the worlds best street food, boutique designers and is a hall of fame of some of London’s most prolific graffiti writers. Our visits to Soar HQ unveiled a world of passion and dedication, from designers and pattern makers meticulously crafting new garments to the brand's owner, Tim, sharing insights into the latest garments they are working on.

The pursuit of marginal gains is dominating endurance sports with everyone looking for the next edge. While brands have long focused on creating gains in super shoes, Soar brings the same ethos to running apparel. Soar’s Graphene Race Vest, which took 3 years to develop, is a prime example. The ultra lightweight vest is printed with graphene in a hexagonal design, this works to help regulate your body temperature when you’re in your conductive cooling phase.

Our personal favourite at Heatwave is the Ultra Jacket, another showcase of Soar's commitment to innovation. This lightweight, waterproof jacket uses the unique Rainout fabric, developed over two years. Utilising plasma etching to give the yarn a fine grain, the DWR-treated fabric is woven, shrunk, and treated again. This results in a closely woven, essentially waterproof jacket that remains entirely breathable, making it suitable for most wet conditions we are used to running in. Users have strongly praised the Ultra Jacket for its impressive performance. 

Not only do they excel in development but they make professional grade running kit which is usually reserved for elite athletes, available to the public.

We are confident that Soar have got some big years ahead of them and the running world will be watching for what’s next as they’ve already stirred the pot. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on some of the best run kit in the world. But be prepared for a lifetime of Soar because once you try the kit, there’s no going back.

Check out the collection here.


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